The Silver Scream (Final Cut) CD/DVD

The Silver Scream (Final Cut) CD/DVD

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2 DVD cases packaged in a limited edition VHS slip case.

DVD case #1 includes “The Silver Scream (Final Cut)” CD [Track List Below)

DVD case #2 includes “The Silver Scream (Final Cut)” DVD [Chapter List Below)

The Silver Scream (Final Cut) CD

  1. The American Nightmare
  2. Thank God It’s Friday
  3. Stabbing In The Dark
  5. The Jig Is Up (feat. Randy Strohmeyer)
  6. A Grave Mistake
  7. Rocking The Boat (feat. Jeremy Schwartz)
  8. Enjoy Your Slay (feat. Sam Kubrick)
  9. Freak Flag
  10. The World In My Hands (feat. TONY LOVATO)
  11. Merry Axe-Mas
  12. Love Bites (feat. Chelsea Talmadge)
  13. IT Is The End (feat. Less Than Jake, Fenix TX, JR Wasilewski, Buddy Schaub & Will Salazar)
  14. You Number’s Up
  15. Thriller
  16. A Grave Mistake (Live From SiriusXM)
  17. Stabbing In The Dark (feat. Matt Heafy) [Acoustic Version]
  18. SAVAGES (Acoustic Version)
  19. Thank God It’s Friday (feat. Ari Lehman) [Acoustic Version]

“The Silver Scream (Final Cut)” DVD

  1. The American Nightmare - Music Video
  2. Thank God It’s Friday - Music Video
  3. A Grave Mistake - Music Video
  4. Stabbing In The Dark - Music Video
  5. IT Is The End - Music Video
  6. Merry Axe-Max - Music Video
  7. Behind The Screams: Spencer + Director Commentary
  8. Do You Like Scary Movies?: A Tour Of The Scream House
  9. Scare-Heads Bonus Feature: “SAVAGES”

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